Cryptomator & iOS File App

Is there any plans to get Cryptomator working with the iOS files App? At present I tap to open cryptomator and it disappears, I cannot use cryptomator with iOS Files App.


It’s a known issue, but unfortunately I cannot estimate when it will be solved.

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It’s such a shame because Cryptomator is such a great tool to use. If only it worked well with iOS.

Thanks for the update


well it has been some time since end of 2018. Still the Cryptomator Symbol is there in the files app but it just toggels and directly untoggels. Would be just GREAT if we could use the files App on iOS to open the Files in the vault. Any plans on that?

Yes, this is something that we’re currently looking into. It was never intended that Cryptomator is listed inside the Files app (still have no idea how to deactivate that) but we’re planning to integrate it. They’re still some hurdles that we have to overcome but we’ll get there. Can’t say anything about an ETA but we’ll surely release a beta version first:

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I am part of the Beta-Programm and looking forward to this feature! When this is ready Cryptomator gets a lot of new usecases! You should push that feature!

Me too. It would make it so much better for the iOS users.