Cryptomator for Raspberry Pi

I have recently been exploring using a RPi4 as a desktop. The challenge has been finding ARM compiled versions of the applications I use on my PCs. I was wondering if there was any plan to compile the Cryptomator desktop client for ARM Linux?


Nathaniel Fink

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Unfortunately the Java UI used by Cryptomator is not supported on ARM systems, so it can not be compiled.

There is a command line version called cryptomator-cli which previously worked on ARM, but its currently not supporting the new vault format.

If Cli gets updated, raspberry support would depend on a number of things, eg the provided ARM version of java in Raspbian or whatever distro you are using being compatible.

I too hope one day to see Arm support, as im now doing 75% of my desktop stuff on a Pi4!

If your looking for local file crypto, you can set up Ecryptfs on your home dir-theres pleanty of guides about, but obviously this wont work for your cloud files.

The first thing I tried was Cryptomator-CLI. I had previously got that running on a different machine for Dropbox. But it looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2017.

I tried compiling the cryptomator-develop project using jdk 14 and I think JavaFX. It initially gave me errors but compiled to the end. But when I tried to run it with the linux launch bash script, I got the following error (JavaFX missing). I take it that’s what you were referring to.

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/beans/binding/Binding
at org.cryptomator.common.CommonsModule_ProvideScheduledExecutorServiceFactory.provideScheduledExecutorService(

We released today a new version of the CLI project, which allows to unlock vaults over the terminal:

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So, the CLI will work on a Raspberry PI, but still not the standard application GUI?

To my knowledge, yes. See also this issue ticket on our tracker:

I made a small research and the most recent posts regarding JavaFX (the graphical framework used in Cryptomator) and ARM are from 2018 and report some experiments, but nothing stable.

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