Cryptomator doesn't react to taps on Android

Therefore it was very difficult to enter webdav creds and impossible to tap 'unlock’after filling in password! Any help appreciated.

Maybe this knowledge base post can help

Hi Michael, I already activated The Lux app Which is some sort of blue light filter but I still had an issue filling in a password and things like that .

Of course it’s possible that there is some other overlay app that is doing that same thing but it’s just very difficult to find out which one out of almost a hundred apps on my smartphone. Is there any way to find out assuming that that is still the issue? Is there any way to detect what overlay app is active on top of Cryptomator?

Hi. As you can read in the linked post, you can list all apps which have permission to overlay other apps.

To identify apps which could cause this, open the Android settings and navigate to Settings - Apps - Advanced (gear icon) - Draw over other apps . This will list the installed Apps and will show you which ones are allowed to draw over other apps.

Indeed, this can be seen there but there are far too many overlay apps to test removing them all one by one. I was wondering whether there was a way to find which one(s) was blocking Cryptomator but maybe there is no way.

Meanwhile I found out that what prevented me from tapping the unlock button was the soft keyboard, not the (other) overlay apps.

Here’s a short video of how this (standard) keyboard prevents CM from working and how to work around this until you find a solution for that:



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Thank you for your efforts and the video! :+1:

Suuuper strange behavior :thinking:.
Which kind of keyboard do you use? Using the (open source) AnySoftKeyboard I never saw something like this and just did the same steps as you did in the video without any issues.

Maybe it make sense to try a different keyboard to check if this could be the issue…

This is most often caused by apps which apply a color filter to the device. Examples are the apps Twilight or Blue Light Filter. When disabling or uninstalling such apps, Cryptomator will work again.

There is a flag in the settings which if disabled allows such apps like Twilight or Blue Light Filter:

The solution was to make sure the keyboard is no longer there as an overlay. At that point the app reacted to finger taps again. I’m no longer sure which keyboard I used.

And sorry that the video disappeared, not sure what happened, it’s been a really long time!

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What I meant is that you should tap on the screen in such a way that the keyboard retracts and is no longer visible. At that point it’s possible to tap ‘unlock’.