Cryptomator crash creating vault in custom folder

I’m trying to get started with Cryptomator (Win10 64 bit), creating a vault inside Dropbox. I want to create a vault in a custom Folder within the Dropbox Folders. Everytime I press the “search folder” button, Cryptomator crashes. I can not manually enter the directory.


Hi and welcome.
Anything suspicious in the log file?
Any WARN or ERROR or EXCEPTION messages?

Yes, but they seem to belong to a existing OneDrive Vault.

14:05:07.778 [JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR o.c.c.l.OneDriveWindowsLocationPresetsProvider - Unable to determine OneDrive location

I installed a vault on another PC (where I also use the Dropbox). Trying to install an existing vault, Cryptomator crashes, as soon as it starts searching for the vault.

Still crashing…but I found a solution: Create a vault in OneDrive. Copy it to the Dropbox-folder. Doubleclicking the vault-file will start Cryptomator an I can mount the vault.