Cryptomator and SFTP support

hi there, at my desktop i am using mountain duck to easily transfer files to the vault and encrypt it with cryptomator. those backupfiles are mostly over 4GB which exceeds the webdav limitations.
therefore it would be nice to add sftp support for cryptomator which i bought for android.

webdav is also very lacky i could never get it to work with my drive.
please let me know if anyone is willing to develop this for android.

thanks and all my best

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I would love this. Support for sftp.

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:!

The WebDAV protocol itself doesn’t have a size limit. I think you are talking about the limitation of Windows or Microsoft implementing the WebDAV client?

There are good and bad implementations of the WebDAV protocol, but that doesn’t make the protocol itself bad :slight_smile:.

I am very sure that we will support SFTP in the Android app at some point. We will tackle next big feature accessing the vault content using 3party apps, a new Vault format is coming in the near future, 2FA maybe too, what I mean is, SFTP won’t come anytime soon…but maybe somebody will get in ahead of implementing this feature before we tackle it :slightly_smiling_face:.

hello and thanks for your superfast reply.
my problem on the android app is that i cannot make a working webdav connection at all even with my ionos hidrive it just won’t work and i am sure that i am using correct credentials.
well maybe there’s hope that the vlc app will gain access to read data from encrypted vaults (that would be awesome because it already supports sftp).
if cryptomator changes its vault format does this mean i need to reencrypt existing vaults or reupload all the data?
thanks and all my best

Then we should look into this problem, maybe create a new topic as this is not really related to SFTP support. A log file with enabled debug mode before reproducing the problem would be helpful: How do I enable debug mode on Android?

No, the connection to the cloud will go through the Cryptomator Android app so this will not help in the relation to SFTP.

No, also in the last few vault version upgrades, re-uploading the vault content wasn’t necessary.