Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS Release

We are happy to announce that Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS is now available in the App Store! 🎉 We’d like to express our gratitude to our over 2,300 TestFlight users for testing the app over the last 6 months. ❤️

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Thank you. I’ve already tried version 2.0 and the File app support finally makes Cryptomator usable for me on iPhone and iPad.

However, it seems as if there is no auto-lock available on iPad. This is an important feature because it is easy to forget to lock a vault. It is also cumbersome to always manually lock vaults.

Feature request here:

Great work with this release. Congratulations.

Is the desktop app (currently v1.65) compatible with the v2 iOS version?


Yes it is.

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Hello, thanks for these release. I just tried it out and it’s really good, solves almost every problem with the old iOS app.

I would like to ask you guys to consider putting an in-App purchase for tips. As an owner of the old app, I wanted to try 2.0 ASAP, and upgraded ‘for free’.
Now, after using the new app for a bit, I would like to reconsider and pay the $1.99 for the upgrade, to help the development, which is not possible right now.
An IAP for tips would easily solve that.

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I had the same idea. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (But I knew from the beta that it is not possible after upgrade anymore)
Maybe giving the tip via the donation page is an option for you.

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You could re-install the app and don’t use “restore purchase”. I think you should then be able to select the other upgrade option. :see_no_evil:

Edit: But yeah, we’ve thought about adding unrelated IAPs for tips and we’ll probably add them at some point, thank you for the suggestion.

I didn’t see I could have hit upgrade until I saw thispoat. Oh well, you guys deserve $11.99 anyways for your hard work.

My only wish for this, will there be a camera/photo upload? That also be so great!

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I bought version 1 and installed it in my device and another family member’s device. Now with version 2, I can install it in mine, but for the other device when I tap on upgrade for free I get a notification that says “Item Already Purchased A Family member has already purchased this. You get it for free” but then I get an error “Error An unknown error occurred”. How can I install version 2 on the second device?

Not directly but we’ll experiment with Shortcuts a lot in the next year and maybe even publish some useful shortcuts. It’ll definitely be possible to create a shortcut to take a photo and then save into the Files app (inside a Cryptomator vault).

But currently it only works if the Cryptomator vault is coincidentally unlocked. Maybe we can add a Shortcut action for unlocking a vault or something like that. That’ll definitely improve the integration into iOS even further but more on that next year. :wink:

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I must admit that we don’t have much experience with Family Sharing but, as you’ve noticed, we have activated Family Sharing for all the IAPs (except the trial).

Could you try out the “Restore Purchase” option on the second device? If that still doesn’t work, please send us the log file, see:

You can send it to


Seems to be working now, thank you.

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Well done, the upgrade worked great! Can I delete old Cryptomator app now?

Would be amazing, thank you for your effort.

Yes, if you have upgraded you don’t need to have version 1.x installed.

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