iOS: Big files do not upload on GoogleDrive

Very nice improvements. I have a problem though. When adding a large file (6gb) the dotted cloud symbol stays visible, indicating that it is in progress of being uploaded to Google Drive, but it stays that way. It never gets actually uploaded. I’ve tried smaller files and those are uploaded fine.

This is probably because large files are uploaded to Google Drive in smaller chunks.
If the Files app is in the background during the upload, only the current chunk will be uploaded in the background and the upload of the next chunk will not start until the Files app is in the foreground again.
This is because our FileProviderExtension is not taken out of the suspended state after a successful upload of a chunk, and thus we cannot trigger the upload of the next chunk.
We are aware of this limitation by Apple (Issue #3) and we are already in contact with Apple to fix this problem.

However, you are welcome to send us the log file so that we can investigate your problem in more detail.
How to export the log file from the Cryptomator 2.0 iOS app is described here:

You can send it to

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Thanks a lot for your reply. That’s indeed probably the problem. It’s even worse because there isn’t any progress being indicated. It’s a totally static symbol.

I finally decided to upload it via a pc. It wasn’t doable via the iPad because of this issue.

It’s great that you know the reason, but it’s also a bit disappointing that this issue is known for more than a year now and still without a solution.

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