Cryptomator 1.5.8 crashing under Linux (Pop!_OS 20.10)

Hi, I have been using cryptomator without issues under Kubuntu 20.04 for some time with vaults locally, and on Google Drive and One Drive.

Having just upgraded/switched to PoP!_OS 20.10, I am now consistently encountering a crash of cryptomator when trying to open my local vault (on USB). It seems to work up to the point where the dialog to enter the vault password pops up, on entering the password and clicking the unlock button, cryptomator seems to close and leaves a hs_err_pidxxxx.log file in my home directory. I have not tried opening the cloud based vaults yet.

Is there any more info I can provide or any suggestions to try? I can send the error files also to help further if you can let me know where to send these to.

Many Thanks

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