Cryptomator 1.5.5 vs sanitizer v0.16 compatibility vs FreeFileSync

Hi Guys,

I created a brand new vault (600GB) and I must check the integrity of the new vault before storing away.

I tried to run sanitizer v0.16 and received the following error (which I expected since 1.5.5 is Vault 7):
Check failed: Vault version mismatch. Expected: 6 Actual: 7

Is there a new integrity-check tool I can use with the new vault?

Also, do you recommend FreeFileSync? I’ve had great success with this program.

I appreciate the guidance.

No, not now. Our Plans are to integrate something similar to sanitizer into cryptomator, see

But you don’t need the integrity check, if you have created and stored the vault locally. Most of the problems are due to incomplete sync.

A partial check of the vault on another system can be done be comparing the existence and size of encrypted files and the general vault structure. But you won’t find broken directory or symlinks or broken shorten file names.

I support the idea of health check of vaults (low and deep checks)!

What is the time frame for release? Is this weeks, months, years? I’m very excited about this feature.

This is an early plan for the next major release so we’re realistically talking about months here.

Understood. I may consider downgrading to v1.4.x until sanitizer for 1.5.x is complete.

Is it possible to only release a sanitizer command line that is compatible with Vault 7?

I like the peace of mind of integrity checks on my vault. I’m open to suggesttions :slight_smile:

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Checking back on this. How is the progress for either:

  1. Cryptomator 1.5.XX compatibility with Sanitizer?
  2. Integrate Sanitizer into Cryptomator 1.5.XX


Does the Cryptomator Team have an ETA on:

  1. Cryptomator compatibility with Sanitizer?
  2. Integrate Sanitizer into Cryptomator GUI


probably never because of health check integration in GUI

Health Check already integrated since 1.6.0

Thank you, I’ll check it out!