Cryptomator 1.5.3 for Windows - No access to WebDAV?

Hi Team,

I have Cryptomator installed in Android, when I set a new vault or open the existing vault – I have good options where the vault will be created or read: (1) Dropbox, (2) GoogleDrive, (3) OneDrive, (4) WebDAV, and of course (5) Local Storage. But, the Cryptomator for Windows is only possible to use (1) Dropbox as the Dropbox folder is sync to Windows folder, and (2) same wise with OneDrive, and (3) local storage. Why can we connect directly to WebDAV or GoogleDrive?


You can use Google Drive the same way you are using OneDrive or any other storage: via their sync apps.
Cryptomator desktop is designed to work independently to the storage providers, to provide the most flexibility. Means you have to use the sync client of your online storage provider to push your vault files online.
If you want to access your vaults directly online, you should try out Cyberduck, which has the Cryptomator encryption integrated.

For the records: technically you can also connect your online storage to your file explorer via WebDAV, and thus create a network drive that shows your online storage and the also your online vaults, but at least in my case I was not able to establish a reliable and performant connection with this way.