Cryptomator 1.5.0 opens but only systray icon shows (after upgrade)

Double clicking tray icon or right click show does nothing.

Have reinstalled, restarted etc.

Windows 10.


I have the same problem in windows.
When i make new lokal tresor is works.
But when i chose a existing tresor over smb synology it dont work.

Same issue -> see my post .

Have you local data or mapped disk ?

that helps me:
installed CM 1.4 again. all tresors removed from the list
installed 1.5 again. Now it start correctly.
I think the problem was a faulty tresor on my NAS-shared-folder that crashed the app. (maybe wrong read/write persmissions ore something else after i used it often on linux, mac and windows)

So I crerated a new tresor on my NAS (from backup)
Now it works on Windows and on Mac fine.


What SMB version is enabled on NAS-shared-Folder

For QNAP check on NAS:
Settings Control Panel
Network & File Services
Advanced Options
Highest SMB Version = 3 ?
Lowest SMB version = 3 ?
Supported SMB versions: SMB3
Restrict anonymous users from accessing SMB shared folder !

on my Synology NAS there is:
smb lowest =1, highest=3

Switch smb setting into lowest = 3
This wil disable the unsecure smb protocols :slight_smile:

Can you still access the data ?

but when i make a copy of the tresor into another nas, and try to add that tresor into cryptomator, cryptomator crash again

@akeloid Does the log file show any errors?

@flm77 Also for you, can you activate Debug-mode and try to add the vault on the Non-working NAS location again and send us afterwards the log file? (e.g. Mail or PM+[Firefox Send] (

Hi Infeo, thank you for your reply.
I installed Windows 10 new, and now it works from my 2 NAS fine now

Sounds a bit harsh to me, but as long as its working now :smile: