Cryptomator 1.40 - unlock drive and drive letter issue

I’ve upgraded from 3.40 to 4.10 recently on my windows 10 Surface Pro, and since the upgrade, there are issues as follows,

  1. after wake up from sleep, it will change all assigned drive label to local drive, and none of the content is readable anymore. I will have to lock all the drive (sometimes it won’t work unless I reboot the machine) and then unlock it (which has the second issue below);

  2. when I unlock the drive, all the assigned drive number are gone, and it will automatically assign from the available drive letters. This create issue as I have shortcut defined for particular files. I will have to assign the correct drive letter back before unlock;

With the about two issues, version 1.40 is not working for me and my current workaround is to reinstall back 1.34 which resolved all my issue. I will have to wait for all these issues have been fixed before I will do another attempt to upgrade.

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