V1.4.2 still have problem with Dokany Issue


I think I reported this issue back in Nov 2018 but I can’t seems to be able to find the post. At that point, I have to rollback to older 1.3 version to get things stable. I didn’t recall getting any feedback for that post neither. As I saw v1.4.2 is out, I did another attempt to upgrade, and seems like that issue still there.

On my Surface Pro 4 (seems like no issue on my desktop and other laptop), it will mount on Dokany, but the mount folder will be crash/frozen after a few sleep, and when this happen, I have to kill Cryptomator an restart it, but at that point, it changes the drive letter assignment to auto-assign which is not I wanted.

Instead of rolling back, this time, I check the volume type to use back webDav, and everything seems working fine so far. I am wondering if there is still something wrong with the Dokany implementation which is in conflict with Surface Pro 4 (not windows 10 as this is the only device I have with problem).

Is there anyone else has similiar issue? Or know how to fix it?

Cryptomator 1.40 - unlock drive and drive letter issue

I’ve upgraded from 3.40 to 4.10 recently on my windows 10 Surface Pro, and since the upgrade, there are issues as follows,

  1. after wake up from sleep, it will change all assigned drive label to local drive, and none of the content is readable anymore. I will have to lock all the drive (sometimes it won’t work unless I reboot the machine) and then unlock it (which has the second issue below);

  2. when I unlock the drive, all the assigned drive number are gone, and it will automatically assign from the available drive letters. This create issue as I have shortcut defined for particular files. I will have to assign the correct drive letter back before unlock;

With the about two issues, version 1.40 is not working for me and my current workaround is to reinstall back 1.34 which resolved all my issue. I will have to wait for all these issues have been fixed before I will do another attempt to upgrade.


I connected your both posts.


I have the same problem. Please contact me@witmi.org . Thanks !


Just upgrade to version 1.4.5 and the problem still persist on my Surface Pro 4 (I am still falling back to use webdev as file type). Other workstations (Win7 and win10) are working fine. As this issue has been existing for months since you have 1.4.0 released. Just wondering if the development team is still looking at this issue? or if this is not on their to do list to fix it. If no, then why am I bother to filing in my comment which goes nowhere?