Cryptomantor question / change request

Hi all,
just a few questions about the cryptomator windows app handling. I thinks my options are not implemented yet, so i used development forum for change request.

  • I’ve added the cryptomator to my autostart. Now always after Windows booting up the cryptomantor app opens. Is there a way to set cryptomator to startup minimized? If not this would be a nice feature for future.
    Also it would be nice if i can configure within cryptomantor the the newly created drive would also not popup.

  • Is there an option to install cryptomator as a service? Because my documents and all documents of my family are on our local “homeserver” All documents will be stored via standard smb shares. On my homeserver these documents will be synced to my onedrive cloud. So if no one is logged on the server cryptomantor is not running an therefore not encrypting data. So it would be gret if cryptomantor can run as a service.

Thnaks and regards

You find this option as a checkbox at “advanced options” (where you enter the password).
You can configure it for each vault

OK. Thats the option “Laufwerk anzeigen” :slight_smile:
Did not relize this. Great works.

To revive this after some time:

See Run cryptomator in background?

For your second question:

No, there is no option. Cryptomator is designed for running in a user session without any priviliges. But quick internet search shows there are some hacks to achieve this, maybe one is feasible in your case.