Run cryptomator in background?


while playing around with my autostart settings, i accidently deactivated cryptomator. I forgot what exactly i did, i could not undo it and finally tried to reinstall cryptomator, even removed registry entries etc to really install from scratch.

Behaviour before i messed it up: Cryptomator starts at boot in background, icon visible, autodecrypt done.

Behaviour now: Cryptomator does not start on boot, when i start it manually the GUI as well as the autodecrypt folder pop up. Same behaviour when i add it to startup again.

I tried everything to absolutely clean my system from cryptomator to be able to clean reinstall, but every reinstallation inherits the behaviour.
Furthermore i started it with a batch addind \B to start in background and did a right click on the exe and set it to execute in background.

Any ideas?


How to auto-start Apps in Background:

If you want to open a vault automatically when starting cryptomator, then enable the corresponding checkbox in the advanced settings of your fault
If you do not want to show the open vault folder after opening your vault, then deactivate the corresponding checkbox in the advanced settings of your vault.