Could not enable any option associated with a slider

I am using a Samsung S5 with Android 6.0.1 and the app version 1.4.1.

In trying to test the new auto photo upload function I realized that I couldn’t enable it at all.
I posted my request here:
On the reply of @SailReal I relized that I couldn’t change/enable any option with a slider so I think not the foto upload is the issue but general one with the sliders.

Did someone recognized a similar issue and is there hopfully a workaround/solution.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for reporting!

  1. Do you know if this happen already before 1.4.1?
  2. Other settings without sliders can be changed?

Sorry, don’t know.


Hi, I just installed Cryptomator and I have exactly the same issue. I, too, have Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1.
As mentioned in other (german) thread; I set Storage permission for Cryptomator with no change. Can’t try the 2nd workaround though - when I click Cloud services -> Local storage locations -> Default storage, it just goes back to Cloud services menu.

Thanks for your feedback @zbe.

Just to be clear: You can not change any setting which involves a slider or you’re just unable to activate the auto photo upload?

I cannot change any slider setting. If i try clicking the Screen security slider I get “Attention - This setting is a security feature (…) [Cancel] [Disable]” but slider is already disabled to begin with.

Edit: Same with “Block app when obscured”.

Can confirm, on Android 6.x all sliders aren’t changeable.
We will provide a fix ASAP!

We fixed this problem. It can be tested using version 1.4.2-rc1 in the current beta release. Join our beta test.

Slider are working now. Trying now the photo upload :wink: