Connection to vault via webdav doesn't work

Hello all,

I use Cryptomator inter alia with the Android app. I have the vaults on a Synology. Access via webdav over https is set up and port forwarding is configured. I use the DynDNS provider from Synology and the certificate from Let’s Encrypt. The Synology runs on a Unity Media cable connection - but I have real dual stack.

When I try to access the vault from outside my own network, sometimes nothing happens - the app doesn’t prompt for a password. This happens especially when I try to connect via mobile (4G). Sometimes if I sometimes use (only a few seconds later) a different Wi-Fi - for example, the Wi-Fi hotspot at a supermarket - the connection to the safe works. But sometimes that doesn’t work either.

Does anyone have an idea where the error could be? Unfortunately, I don’t know where i should start looking.

Best regards and thanks in advance

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Can you please enable debug mode, reproduce it and send us the log file? How do I enable debug mode on Android? This hopefully helps us to find the cause of this problem. Normally, an error message should be displayed below the password entry dialog or, if no longer visible, appear as a notification toast. However, if the enter password dialog is not displayed at all, this is very strange.

I sent the log files.
It is very strange, because if i connect with 4 G to the vpn of my university the vault is opening. Without this connection it is not opening.

It is even stranger since you mentioned that you can open the file with a browser that cannot be read by Cryptomator with an ECONNABORTED connection error during unlock using the 4G connection. Especially this finding that Cryptomator behaves differently than the browser I can’t understand at all and therefore doesn’t sound like a server config problem. But on the other hand I have no idea what should go wrong in our app, we use a very common HTTP library (OkHttp) which is very very reliable but something seems to be not quite correct :thinking: