Connect to Linode Object Storage

I am trying to connect to S3-compatible Linode Object Storage on the Android app and I get an error. No such bucket.

I am using


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No such bucket.

Did you create the bucket before adding the connection?

Yes. I do have one created. I put in the value in the Existing Bucket field. I filled in all the fields with the correct values.

Okay. Then we need log files. Can you please enable debug mode, reproduce the problem and send us the log file? How do I enable debug mode on Android?

To what email address I send the log?

Should be prefilled, if for whatever reason not,

Thanks for the log file. It would be really helpful to run test against the s3 implementation of Linode, is it possible for you to provide us test-credentials or is that not an option?

Yes, I will create a new bucket and keys for you.

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Some bugs where found, that interfere with configuring the connection and vault with Linode Object Storage. These have been fixed and they should be available in a future release.

With the current version (1.7.5) today, only configure one bucket as multiple buckets will fail and have a least one random file on the bucket before attempting to create the Cryptomator vault.

Thank you Julian!

Links to issues:

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Thanks again for reporting these bugs :raised_hands:

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