Can't open the app after updating

I just updated the app to 1.6.1 but the app is not opening now. I had previous version installed, while trying to install this, I got the message to uninstall in inferior version and then try to update so I uninstalled and installed the latest one but it’s not opening. I already have the dokany installed as well. Please help

What is your Windows version? Cryptomator needs at least Windows 10, version 1803.

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I am using windows pro 21H1.
I don’t know if the issue was caused due to installer file being in .msi format but not .exe
As I couldn’t launch the app, I uninstalled 1.6.1 and downloaded 1.5.17 which was in .exe and it’s working normally.

You can send us the logfile after a failed 1.6.1 start, so we can look into the problem.

Additionally, the following thread where one runs a quite restricted Windows might be insightful: