Cannot change password and missing vault file location

Hi all,

Having some issues with iOS Cryptomator. I’m on iOS 15.2.1 and using Cryptomator 2 version 2.2.0.

Some of my old issues have been fixed, thanks team, but two problems persist.

The first vaults I created in iCloud and Google drive will not let me change their passwords. I’ve tried restarting phone but doesn’t help I get this message.

So I thought I’d try and create a duplicate vault and then try and change the password and it works. But then run into another issue. Whenever I create a vault from file it does not show the file pathway in the Cryptomator app which also then doesn’t give me the option to move the vault file location.

Hello anyone?

Is not showing the vault file pathway for creating from existing vault file a bug?

Why can’t I change vault passcode for those two vaults?

Why can’t I change the vault location for iCloud vaults?

Thank you.

One thing I will say about Google vaults, you may need to create a shortcut to the folder in google drive in order to be able to navigate to the location of the vault in the mobile app. Additional details here: How to access shared vaults in Google Drive