Error when changing password

Hello Cryptomator team, I have asked this question previously with no relies on the link below and have also found another post from another user with the same issue. Here:

When I go to change my vault password for my iCloud vaults I get the error message:

Operation cannot be performed
because other background
operations for this vault have to
finish first. Please try again later.

I have tried clearing the cache and restarting my phone iOS 15.5 with no luck. Didn’t work on previous versions of Cryptomator 2 and currently on 2.3.0 and still not working.

Would appreciate any suggestions from the team.


Hi @ThirdLayer,

First, the technical details:

If the vault password is going to be changed, we need to make sure that there are no running / waiting tasks for this vault, these include:

  • File upload task (but only the ones that haven’t failed yet)
  • Reparent task (move or rename of an item)
  • Deletion task (delete an item)
  • Download task (downloading a file that the user has requested via the Files app or other third party apps such as Pages, etc.)
  • Item enumeration task (This can be a folder listing that comes up while browsing through the Files app or a file is open in a third party app. In the latter case, it will automatically check at regular intervals if the file has changed in the cloud while it is open.)

Since you wrote that a restart did not fix the error, we can actually rule out everything except the upload tasks. Because all other tasks should be removed after a restart.
Now we come to the funny part… because in your particular case, we can actually exclude pending / running uploads as well, since with the iCloud implementation, these are always immediately considered successfully completed, as iCloud automatically recovers upload errors.

Therefore, it would be very interesting if you could send us logs so that we can investigate the problem you described in more detail. How to export the log file from the Cryptomator 2.0 iOS app is described here: Settings — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation

You can send it to

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