Cannot add vault on SMB share created from Windows


I’m trying cryptomator out for the first time.
I’ve created a vault on an SMB share with cryptomator on Windows 11. The SMB share is provided by a NAS.
Now I installed cryptomator on my iPad and want to add the vault located on the SMB share. I chose “Add existing vault” (actually the app is in German, so the English text may vary), “Other File Provider”, “Choose Vault Directory” and browse to the SMB share to choose the directory containing the vault (there’s a vault.cryptomator file in the directory). After clicking “open”, an error message appears, saying the the chosen directory is not a vault.

Does this help?

No, that doesn‘t help. It‘s exactly how I do it. It seems that Cryptomator does not recognize the vault in the directory.

That is indeed puzzling.

Can you please enable Debug Mode, reproduce the issue, and then send us the log files to Settings — Cryptomator 1.7.0 documentation

If you want, review the log files yourself first and redact any sensitive information.

Thank you for the log files, @flo. I was able to dig out an issue on GitHub that I almost forgot about: App says folder on SMB share is not a vault despite it being one · Issue #265 · cryptomator/ios · GitHub

It was a long discussion with a lot of trial & error, but the author of that issue found a workaround in the end:

On unRAID SMB settings, there is an option called “Enhanced macOS Interoperability”. This option allows users to back up their Macs with Time Machine onto unRAID’s SMB shares, among other things.

After changing this back to “false”, Cryptomator immediately started working again on my unRAID server!

Does that help?

After re-reading the issue and looking into your log files, I still don’t know what we can do here (from a technical point of view). When trying to retrieve the directory contents, the result is empty.

Hi Tobi,

thanks for the link to the issue!
Unfortunately I haven’t found a similar option or a way to disable the “vfs_fruit” module for my QNAP NAS.

Came here because I was having the same issue connecting to my QNAP NAS from Cryptomator. I didn’t find a solution using SMB, but as a workaround I enabled WebDAV on my NAS and was able to connect from Cryptomator to the vault that way.

Posting this in case the WebDAV workaround helps someone else :slight_smile: