Can¨t enable biometric authentication

The app fails to enable biometric authentiation. This is on a Samsung S21 latest os and app update. The app gets stuck in the password entry field when I try to enable biometric authentication. Spinning thing never stops.


Update: It recognizes if the password is wrong. Seem like it has trouble saving the pw to the phone when the correct one is entered.

Anything suspicious in the log file? Not sure if necessary but enabling debug mode might help.

The last rows of the log:

VaultListFragment{e939668} (9ff37474-01fe-4e3d-9c50-55455b61e4f8 id=0x7f0a0105)
D	20210911102042.203	ActivityLifecycle	onPause org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.VaultListActivity@ca3b052
D	20210911102042.203	PresenterLifecycle	pause org.cryptomator.presentation.presenter.VaultListPresenter@cff0dd2
D	20210911102042.215	ActivityLifecycle	onCreate org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@8e151f9
D	20210911102042.245	ActivityLifecycle	onStart org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@8e151f9
I	20210911102042.246	ActivityLifecycle	onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@8e151f9
D	20210911102042.246	ActivityLifecycle	onResumeFragments org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@8e151f9
D	20210911102042.246	PresenterLifecycle	resume org.cryptomator.presentation.presenter.SettingsPresenter@3bbd977
V	20210911102042.719	FragmentLifecycle	onStop VaultListFragment{e939668} (9ff37474-01fe-4e3d-9c50-55455b61e4f8 id=0x7f0a0105)
D	20210911102042.719	ActivityLifecycle	onStop org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.VaultListActivity@ca3b052
D	20210911102042.720	ActivityLifecycle	onSaveInstanceState org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.VaultListActivity@ca3b052

I have tried with OneDrive, google drive and local vault.


Can you please send us the complete log file? You can just choose “Send log file” in settings.

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