Can not read in a LOST + FOUND folder after health check

I have been using Cryptomator for a while until suddenly all my files from the vault disappeared. I ran Health Check. Now all my files are placed in Lost + Found directory under the name ‘file1_gps’ . When I try to copy it to other location the error ‘can not read from the source file or disk’. Please help as a have very important files in the vault.

Appreciate if you can help

Welcome to the Cryptomator community :slightly_smiling_face:,

in general, since recoverd files are just plain files, they should be copyable without any problem.

When you look into the Cryptomator log files, do they contain any ERRORs, WARNings or Exceptions?

Thank you for the response. Here are a few fines from the log file:

23:48:30.785 [webdav-024] TRACE o.c.cryptofs.fh.FileHeaderHolder - Reading file header from F:\mine\d\JR\EWEWBYVCODM533Z3K7QR5WUSKGAHTI\68ol0eep2hktaEgSOJmu0CqbeD5h-YLtEg==.c9r
23:48:30.786 [webdav-024] WARN  o.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel - handleException /a1gk91GzSRH0/mine/LOST%2BFOUND/QPL62I3CGPAECOIY5EUSG43D7ZNSARAF/file2_gps Unable to decrypt header of file F:\mine\d\JR\EWEWBYVCODM533Z3K7QR5WUSKGAHTI\68ol0eep2hktaEgSOJmu0CqbeD5h-YLtEg==.c9r
23:48:34.449 [webdav-025] DEBUG o.c.w.core.filters.LoggingFilter - REQUEST 42:
Connection: keep-alive
User-Agent: Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir/10.0.22621
Host: cryptomator-vault:42427
Content-Length: 0
Depth: 0
translate: f

This indicates that there is a problem with the files itself, i.e. filecorruption. Unfortunately, you are using a volume type which cuts off more information about the error. But in general if the file header (the first few bytes of the file) is damaged, the encrypted content cannot be restored.

My suggestion is to use a backup of the vault or the lost files.