Can i mount 1 ctmt vault on google drive by 2 pc? thx

googled but cant find the answer.

would be good if someone can help.


concurrently i mean, of cause. thx

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, but if your question is if you can place a vault into google drive an then access it from different devices/pc, the answer is yes. This is the intention of cryptomator.

thx for reply.

ofcoz ctmt s vault can be put on GD and open by different PC.

but can 2 PC mount the vault at the same time? will this crash the vault?


ps: ctmt s vault seems dont have “in-use lock” mechanism. i put a vault on GD, 10PC can mount it at the same time. I just worry if 2 PC write to same file, the vault will corrupt

thz again.

No, it will not corrupt. But you cannot work on the same file. Cryptomator will detect this and create a second file. You’ll have to merge them manually.

See here

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