Can I alter "IMPORTANT.rtf"?

Hello, newbie here.

I want to store metadata about each vault in a convenient place. So can I safely put it in the “IMPORTANT.rtf” file? I am guessing it’s safe to alter as I see from an old discussion that it’s safe to delete that file. However, I want to be sure that the file won’t get overwritten when using any version of Cryptomator (current or future).

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

in general, when you want to store your own metadata for a vault, I suggest a custom file, not one created by Cryptomator.

The file IMPORTANT.rtf is generated at vault creation and ignored afterwards. So in this case it is safe to use it.

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So it would be safe to store a custom file in the same folder as IMPORTANT.rtf?

Yes. As cryptomator does only „know“ it’s own files, it will ignore all others.
Just to avoid misunderstandings: of course any file you place here by your own will be stored unencrypted in your online vault (if you sync it to an online storage). Make sure not to place any information in this file you don’t want the world to know.

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That’s great, thanks. (Yes, I know not to put sensitive info into the encrypted vault’s folder.)