Can I access the encrypted data from another PC?

Hello, I am new to the cryptomator, just installed it yesterday, so excuse me if I am question seems silly.
I have installed it on laptop and created a vault to on my google drive, my doubt is, what if I have to access the vault from another pc, will I able to do it??

Also I just checked by unistalling the app fully and installing it again, but when I installed and tried to access the vault, I just got a blue screen on my laptop but within few secs it restarted, so I got worried a bit if it’s gonna affect my files or pc in any way in future. So please clarify me on this as well.

Thank you.

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, as long as the other pc has also access to your google drive and Cryptomator is installed.

That sounds like you are using an outdated third party driver (aka Dokany). During install, did you also installed Dokany? If so, what version is installed?

Oh, okay so when I install cryptomator on another pc, I need to choose ‘open existing vault’ and select the masterkey.cryptomator from the google vault folder, right?

Yes, I did select the dokany while installation and the version I see is

That is completely correct :+1:

Okay, so basically masterkey.cryptomator file is important for every vault created, right? If that file is deleted, will I be losing my encrypted data? For instance, lets say I created a local vault on my HDD, add some files in that, but later if I remove the vault on cryptomator app and also delete the masterkey.cryptomator folder on my HDD, I will be losing that vault and my files in it, right?

That is correct, with the exception that you have saved the recovery key, then you can recover from such an scenario. So it is not a bad idea to keep an eye on the masterkey and also store the recovery key in a really safe place.

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Okay, thank you so much for clarifying me. I will try these will some test files and check myself.

Also can you help explaining me with the bluescreen thing which I said earlier? My dotany version is and that bluescreen really freaked me out though it was for a few secs. Is it an serious issue or normal encounter? I just don’t want any files or windows getting affected so y’know

The blue screen can be caused by an outdated Dokan driver.

You can choose between two solutions:

  1. Update Dokany to the latest release (to be downloaded here Releases · dokan-dev/dokany · GitHub) or,
  2. Use WinFSP (see thread WinFSP: How to use it)
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Thank you so much for the help, I have updated to the latest dokany version :slight_smile:

Sir, I just created new vault in my local storage and I have updated dokany as you said but still when I tried to unlock the vault soon after creating, I got the same bluescreen which was checking for error and it restarted the system. Luckily there were no processes happening in the background but I am afraid to create vault if this keeps repeating, so please lemme know if there is any other fix for this.

Then your only option is to use WinFSP, see the linked article.

If you are a little bit technically inclined, you can help the Dokany project finding out what is causing the blue screen. Open a issue ticket here, from there someone will guide on the next steps.

Hi I just came into the Cryptomator community and found this thread

May I tag on and ask:

I basically tried the same thing above, but when I use my second computer to go to iCloud drive, while I can see the vault folder, I am unable to download it off iCloud drive onto that second computer to then use Cryptomator to unlock it

On clicking through all the files in the vault folder, I was able to determine that I am able to download all the files like masterkey, etc. off iCloud EXCEPT for the folder with all the .c9r files which are actually the encrypted documents

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you