Camera upload requires vault unlocked?

With the Android app, I wanted to try the auto camera upload and had a few questions.

  1. I am guessing it won’t auto unlock the vault for uploading photos. So whats the best approach? Leave the app set to never lock and wait until my 100’s of photos have uploaded? Or will it auto unlock itself to upload the photos?

  2. Do we have to unlock the vault each time we take photos?

  3. Since there is no way to select the source, does the app upload all images on the phone, including all the Screenshots, WhatsApp and Messenger photos that would be in separate folders?


Hey and welcome in the community :slight_smile:!

If the Automatic photo upload is enabled, all photos taken will be marked for upload (whether or not the vault is open) and after the specified vault gets unlocked again, the upload starts. We will enhance the auto photo upload feature, so that when the vault is already unlocked, new pictures will be instantly uploaded into the vault: #181

Currently yes or you (as I do) unlock this vault e.g. once a day to upload all images which have been saved during the day.

Which pictures will be tracked, depends on the Android version on your phone:

  1. Nougat (API level 24 or 7.x) and later: All images which Android adds to the gallery will be uploaded to the vault (also Screenshots, WhatsApp…)
  2. Pre-Nougat: Only the images created with the camera will be uploaded to the vault

To specify the source folders is already a tracked enhancement: #177

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Thanks so much for the answers.

Is it on the roadmap to auto unlock the vault for photo uploads? Maybe during a set time during the night to upload the days photos?

We think about possibilities…@tz06 has made an interesting suggestion: Automatic photo upload and automatic vault lock

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I like this idea, however would prefer a more generic Save Password/Keep vault unlocked “Option” per vault (not limited to photos)

Usage scenarios
VaultA - to back up or interact with stuff on my phone. I’m already placing trust in the OS and Physical security of my phone/tablet by keeping the files there, but dont trust my cloud provider - (i guess this is already partially implemented with Fingerprint unlock using a local keystore???) (Remember password/Keep unlocked ENABLED on this vault.) - This vault would be my Auto Backup photos location.

VaultB - this is my super secure vault. id rather not entrust this to my physical device/keystore . In the rare cases i need access to it from mobile, ill type the password in and lock it after- with no stored password . (Remember password/Keep Unlocked DISABLED on this vault.)