Browse files inside vault without downloading entire vault to local filesystem

Is it possible to open a Cryptomator vault whose underlying files are visible on the local filesystem but the actual file contents are not all on the local filesystem? For example, iCloud Drive, Dropbox and SMB (mounts) allow you browse files that haven’t been downloaded yet so I wonder whether Cryptomator would be able to do the same. In other words browse files inside a vault without having the entire vault on the local filesystem.
I am interested in support for this on the Desktop App on Windows and Mac.
Thank you.

Most storage provider apps offer a file on demand function that does only download the files if actually used. This works with cryptomator as well.
If you want to access your vault directly online (means without using any sync app), this is your solution:

you can also use mountain duck which will mount the directory as a drive/volume. You can use it like a normal finder window. Cyberduck will provide you with a browser view.