Being told there is not enough space when moving files to vault, there is WAY more than enough space on all drives involved

I have read through the other similar posts but a lot of them are way too over my head to understand, and the others reference options I do not have.

I have terabytes of space available on all drives in use. The vault in stored on our companies google drive which also has more than enough space. I have read there is no limit on vault sizes, and yet it is telling me there isnt enough space to move 30gb of audio files.

In the settings, I only have the WebDAV option. There is no other option in the drop down.

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.

You are facing this issue with WebDAV.

Please install WinFSP and switch in settings of Cryptomator to FUSE

This states it is for windows. We are working on Macs.