Backup and restore to Cryptomator drive (Windows 11)


I am using Windows 11 and I wanted to use the integrated backup and restore feature of Windows 11 to backup my Windows drive to an WebDAV cloud. Therefore I thought I could unlock my vault and setup this new created drive letter D: as my backup drive. But actually I cannot select this drive because Windows 11 doesn’t recognize it in this dialog

But the drive D: is shown under “This PC”. Is that something that doesn’t work? Why?

Cryptomator desktop does not create an actually volume drive but a virtual drive to show the virtual file system (and thus your files in the vault) in your explorer. I assume that windows backup and restore relies on a physical storage device or a network drive. I am not sure if virtual drives are treated as network, but it’s worth that you hit the button and try it.

I would have to enter a network path and credentials. Entering D:\ is not possible.

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