Automatic video upload


I had to give up my Nextcloud at home because as a non IT person it is to hard to handle myself. Thanks to I found out that you are around. Thank you very much for your amazing product(s).

Do you plan on adding video upload on Android and iOS like the automatic photo upload feature? I guess if you implemented the latter the other one could be easy.

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Hey and welcome in the community :slight_smile:!

For Android this could actually be added quite easily.
Right now on the Android side, we are finalizing the version 1.5.0, after that there are still some features on the list, but we will definitely implement it.

As soon as the automatic photo upload is implemented for iOS, there should be no further problems to support videos as well.

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Cool. When do you plan to publish the photo feature for iOS?

Question regarding Android. When I set the auto lock to “never” and no lock when the phone is locked photo uploads wont start. I have to lock and unlock the vault in oreer to start the upload. Is that normal? I guess it needs some trigger to start it. I use a Fairphone 3 with Android 9.

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This is not yet implemented and there are still some other features on the list but please stay tuned!

Yes, that’s how it currently works. We will enhance it, so that the upload automatically starts when the vault is unlocked. Maybe we can tackle this together with the video upload…