Automatic foto upload: Error message when vault is unlocked (OneDrive)

Hi all,
I run Cryptomator 1.7.1 on Android 12 (GrapheneOS) and I have set Cryptomator to upload photos automatically to my OneDrive when vault is unlocked. Once I unlock the vault, I encounter the following error message in the notification board: “Fehler beim automatischen Photo-Hochladen. Cryptomator benötigt Zugriff auf den Speicher um den automatischen Foto-Upload zu nutzen” (Eng: Error in automatic foto upload. Cryptomator required access to the storage to automatically upload fotos.).
In case the local storage is meant: The app already has access to files and media. In case the cloud storage is meat, I wouldn’t have any ideal what additional access is needed when the vault is unlocked.

I am pretty sure I am just missing an easy but important detail. Anyone able to give me a hint? This would be highly appreciated.

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Can you please double check that the files and media permission is really set? You can to this by going to Android SettingsAppsAll appsCryptomatorPermission.

Files and media permission is really allowed?

thanks a lot for your swift reply. Yes, it is. Any option to send you a screen shot here? Didn´t see the option yet. Cryptomator has the following permissions granted: Files & Media, Network, Sensors. Anything else I can check?
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Maybe you need to adjust a Graphene network permission toggle for the cryptomator app?

GrapheneOS adds a user-facing Network permission toggle providing a robust way to deny both direct and indirect network access to applications. It builds upon the standard non-user-facing INTERNET permission, so it’s already fully adopted by the app ecosystem. Revoking the permission denies indirect access via OS components and apps enforcing the INTERNET permission, such as DownloadManager. Direct access is denied by blocking low-level network socket access.

Cryptomator has all permissions possible. I disabled permission for files and media and enabled it again. Again, same issue. Also battery optimization is disabled. But I made some interesting observations: I can upload files from the DCIM folder manually without any issues. And after a few minutes, the vault is locked again, even though I have set the vaults not zo be locked after a certain period of time.
What do you think?

Ok, didn’t realize the toggle that locks the vaults after screen is disabled. So I deactivated this one to make sure the vault remains open for foto upload. But anyway, the notification described above pops up right away nwhen unlocking the vault and it doesnt upload fotos even when the vault remains unlocked.

I’m still thinking about why the auto upload doesn’t have access to the media files, even though you granted the permission. Normally I would suspect the custom ROM, but my device also runs GrapheneOS and the upload works here without problems :thinking:

@k.fritz which app do you use to create images and where are they stored? If you don’t know exactly, you can activate the debug mode, take some pictures and send us the log file: How do I enable debug mode on Android?

Are you sure it’s the access to the source files on the mobile, or may the issue be access to the cloud storage? The notification says “…requires access to the storage…” so I though it could also be the access to the cloud. Good to hear that you run GrapheneOS as well. So it needs to be something in the settings.

To your question: I use the standard camera and gallery apps coming with GrapheneOS and the images are stored in the standard location (Pixel/DCIM/Camera). I’ll try to upload a few screenshots.

@SailReal By the way, if you want me to send a log file from debug mode, let me know where to send it to. I’ll be happy to provide that.

The interesting thing is that manual upload works well…

@k.fritz send it to please.