Automatic backup to WebDav with Cryptomator?

Hi there,

I’m using the Cryptomator integration with Cyberduck as my backup solution. Every time I want to backup my files I select them manually, replacing the files via Cyberduck - and there we go.

I would love to automate this process.
Perfect would be a process where I can sync any changes to files to WebDav - encrypted by Cryptomator.

I’m using a Mac.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Even if this is not the Cyberduck forum I might have a hint. Cyberduck has a sync function.
See first menu

Hi @Michael,

thanks for your help, I’ll have a look into it.
I’m not sticking to Cyberduck as Cryptomator is the technology I want to use. So every other workflow is appreciated as long as I can sychronize. :slight_smile:


In cases such as yours, I’d rather sync outside of cryptomator, if you don’t want to have all content backed/synced, try to arrange the vaults so that it could be done since the structure needs to be intact.

Hi @Ivarson,

what external software and structure of data / vaults would you recommend?

Hi @dwhh
as you are actually using Cyberduck, I assumed that you do not want to have you encrypted vault files local on your computer.
If I am right, I actually see no other way than using Cyberduck or Mountain Duck to achieve an automated sync without having the encrypted vault files local.
If I am wrong, and you do not care if the encrypted vault files are also local, then just use any sync software that you like to sync all the encrypted files of your vault (the folder where the “d” and “m” subfolders and the masterkey files are stored) with whatever destination you want to.
Here I describe how I do my backups automatically (personal backup as backup tool of unencrypted files into the vault, OneDrive client as sync tool to sync the encrypted files to OneDrive4Business).

Thanks for your reply!