Are there traces of Cryptomator edits on Windows PC

Hello there. When you open a Windows file like Word or Excel inside your unlocked Vault, obviously Cryptomator must use the Windows programs on your computer to do this. If you’re doing editing of your Windows files that are in the unlocked vault, is there any risk that those edits could remain as traces of data on your hard drive?
Just wanting to be able to safely edit the word or excel docs from time to time and then of course encrypt them again when I lock the vault.

Hello, sorry if this is the wrong thread.
But wondering, if I edit a word doc or excel file in Cryptomator (Windows PC) is there any chance that traces of that file are in the desktop computers memory?
Obviously Cryptomator needs to use windows programs to open files in Cryptomator. Just wanting to be sure it’s safe to edit anything inside Cryptomator.

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Please read this regarding your question:

Yes, there will be traces of your office file local. Such as listing your file with Filemaker in „last edited“ for example.
If you want to have your local system completely encrypted, I recommend using software that was designed for this. Like veracrypt or bitlocker.

Thanks Michael. But would those traces that are on the PC hard drive be recoverable or readable? (say if the PC was stolen)