Android local Vault

Hi, in the android app - when I share a file into the LOCAL Vault it is called “Hochladen” or in english “upload” - this is a little bit confusing - it is using the local vault → there is no upload or Hochladen.
Can you built a different wording - using a vault (Onedrive, Google) or a local vault?
Is there an “Ideas Forum” where we can post requests like this?
Second if I share a document into a vault it stays in its original place. Any Option available that it will move (deleted) when sahred into a vault?
Many thanks in advance
Best Regards br614


You can open a github issue for feature requests

No. The Android share function does always share, not move (afaik). Nothing an app can do about it.
When the document provider feature is implemented you can manage your files in the vault from your files app.