Android App is read-only?

When I encountered save issues on android, I googled and stumbled on this topic

I am on Android 7.1 and latest Cryptomator app & still unable to save files to the open vault. The work around described in the link above creates more processes and leaves a copy of unencrypted file on another location in the device. Quite frankly, it is a lot of moving parts and when something breaks, harder to root cause. Having a simple solution to open vault -> make changes -> close vault… would be highly desirable.

If this is still open, I think the developers should describe the android app as read only. Especially when it is a paid app.

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The basic answer is yes it is read only. While there’s great potential, and I hope development continues to make improvements, I’ve found cryptomator to not be a very mature platform overall. It does work and seems stable, but a lot of basic functionality that you would expect from a paid platform does not exist yet. It also seems like development is rather slow. It feels more like a hobby project than something for an end user at this point…to me.

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This is a very big deal, what is the work in progress regarding this?

Currently downloading, then modifying, then uploading, files to Cryptomator is extremely impractical just to make file changes. Additionally, the files are not encrypted in transit during download, or in transit during upload, or while stored on our devices (if our devices are not encrypted).
Your Google Play Store description does not mention that files can only be read but not written to. You should consider revealing this shortcoming in the description since it negates the security potential of this app. Especially since it is not free.
Cryptomator has a lot of potential, but we really need write capability.
When will we be able to write to our files?

I am thinking about buying this app. please be honest and provide a reaction if you can edit the files while using andrioid on your samsung s9…

I appreciate your honesty and your information.

You can…kinda. It’s just cumbersome and slow to do so. You have to open a “read only” version of the file, make changes and then re-upload it via the app to save over the previous file.

yes ofcourse they are read only. But i guess the paid ones might be providing read and write both the services.hope you got answer to your question.