An example of using Custom Mount Points please

In Cryptomator version 1.4.2, Windows 10, 64 bits, an option when opening a vault allows you to select a Custom Mount Point rather than a Drive Letter.

I can’t figure out how to use a Custom Mount Point. When I provide a name (like ‘Fred’) the mount fails.

  1. What is the proper syntax for a mount point name and can you provide an example?

  2. How can mount point files be accessed from applications or .bat files? What is the proper syntax?

Cheers and Thanks.

Glad I’m not the only one who struggled with that. :joy:
Enter the path to a folder.
See here: Cryptomator 1.4.2 isn't unlocking vaults 🤪

Thank you! That worked.

For those who follow:

  1. Create an empty folder somewhere on an existing NTFS drive, like - C:\users\Chris\MyFolder

  2. Make sure the folder is empty and nothing is accessing it (including Windows Explorer).

  3. Under More Options in a Cryptomator vault, select Use Custom Mount Point then enter the folder’s full path in the Mount Path field.

  4. Unlock the vault.

But keep in mind that this function is only available if you select Dokany (standard) as interface.
It’s not available with WebDAV.