An Error Ocurred

ErrorCode: GQBC:AGQS
EDIT: ErrorCode: PA48:T493
Device: Google Pixel 3A
Android Version: 10
App Version: 1.5.7
Cloud Service OneDrive

Uploads fail abruptly every time. An arbitrary number of files are processed just fine followed by “An Error Occurred”. It’s taken an unacceptable number of tries to upload just under 50 files in a 2-day span.

Please note: Cryptomator appears to be “Incompatible” with a number of devices, according to the play store.

EDIT: May as well report other bugs, right?

  • Rotating the screen during an upload operation causes it to crash.
  • While on landscape the app will rotate itself, becoming upside down. Only occurs while an upload is in progress.
  • Screen becomes dark when a vault is being unlocked.

EDIT 2: @sailreal

Thanks for your feedback.

Maybe this is related to your report
If not please enable debug mode, reproduce the problem and send us the log.

This number of devices for which Cryptomator for Android is proportionally very small and depends among other things on the fact that our minimum android version is 4.3, which is not a high requirement…but there are still devices with a lower version.

Rotating the screen during an upload shouldn’t be possible at all. Can you please provide a step by step guide to reproduce it?

Here as well, can you please provide a step by step guide to reproduce it?

There is a login against OneDrive in the background and therefore the black screen appears with “Authentication” and a progress. If the login is very fast, a black screen is only displayed for a short time and the login continues immediately to avoid unnecessary delays even though the login is already completed.

The “incompatible” devices:

  • Pixel 3A -> API 29
  • Pixel 2 -> API 29
  • LG G7 -> API 28
  • LG V20 -> API 29 (Lineage OS).

Aha! I thought so too, strangely enough it happens to me quite often. Not sure how I’d go about materializing evidence. In any case, do you think a “debug log” would be enough?

EDIT: Btw, is cryptomator supposed to have a progress indicator in the notification area? It’s not showing in any of my devices.

EDIT: 2 Log zip has been sent to Reproduced both the upside down bug and the screen rotation bug with “debug mode” enabled. Was unable to reproduce the upload error during this run since the buggy rotation triggers a soft crash, killing all processes (e.g. downloads, uploads and shares)… Cannot guarantee it is present in either log file.

Almost forgot to tag you, @SailReal.

Assuming someone will eventually come looking for issues to fix, the Security Tips link in settings is a 404.

No log file needed.

If the problem arises again, please feel free to send us the log.

According to Google Play the

  • Pixel 2 & 3A
  • LG G7 One & LG G7 ThinQ
  • LG V20 & LG V20 Pro

devices are supported using Cryptomator for Android.

Maybe it’s the country you are in? Paid apps aren’t available in China, Cuba, Iran, Sudan and “Rest of the world”, read more in Supported locations for distribution to Google Play users.
Can you purchase/install other payed apps?

Not yet, this will be the case as soon as we move the upload/download of files to a detached service which is the plan for the future.

Thanks for the log but unfortunately the rotations aren’t being logged at the moment.
We will continue checking in the code why it is even possible because as mentioned we deactivate the rotation during the upload. Maybe this is somehow related to #211

Thanks for this hint, we’ll fix the redirect.

The error ocurred while recording the two logs sent, with debug mode enabled.

I am not in one of those countries and yes, I’ve purchased apps from the play store. Where I am at restricted access to app purchses is not an issue, I’ll try on other devices later on.

Export operations die when dealing with large number of files (1000+). A single file upload larger than 4GB crashes nearing completion, every time.

Not related, disabling screen rotation in settings works as a temporary resolve while using the app.

Why hasn’t cryptomator 1.5.8 been officially announced? EDIT: On the play store now.

EDIT: Some more bugs? Cryptomator will populate a directory with 0B (blank) replicas of files to be exported before the process has even begun. It cannot be paused and so, when it crashes users are left with however many files failed to export, each being 0B. Even worse, cryptomator does not check for existing files before exporting, creating duplicates. No signature check takes place when exporting; Cryptomator can’t tell the difference between a 0B file and its original beyond a name match, even when uploading.

Can’t trust Cryptomator’s export, are uploads reliable? Does Cryptomator check for file integrity with every upload?

Thank you.

EDIT: @SailReal I’ll make separate posts for each issue/bug, get them more attention.

Another bug, very bizarre. Fingerprint- unlock is broken in Cryptomator 1.5.8. Something that worked in 1.5.7 is now broken.

Is there another forum or chat where this many bugs can get proper attention? Somebody please respond.

Thanks for your feedback @anon64330945! We are very dependent on users like you to report bugs so we can fix them. In a perfect world you know immediately what the cause is, easily fix the problem and send the update directly. But please understand that we need time to reproduce them, determine the cause and fix them.
Some of the bugs you have described are already being worked on (e.g. the export problems), others still need to be further evaluated.

We will definitely look at each of the bugs, see what the cause is, fix them bit by bit and report back.