All Files Missing after Upgrading vault

I upgraded my vault without any error Messages. All Files where local.
When I open my vault it’s completely empty. The encrypted Files are still there. But Cryptomator isn’t showing them.

I tried installing the older version again but that is showing me now that the Password is wrong and that is definitely not the case.
What can I do to fix this?

You can not go back to an earlier version of cryptomator after upgrading to 1.5 It changes the structure of your encrypted vault, which 1.4 can not understand.

What operating system are you running and cryptomator version did you use to upgrade?
Do you know what file system type your cryptomator vault is on? (eg NTFS, FAT, EXT4)

Im Using Windows 10 with Cryptomator 1.5.4
My vault is in a NTFS file System.

I also reinstalled the Dokan library but that didn’t help. The logs aren’t showing any errors.

I would recommend a “clean” install of cryptomator and dokan , especially since you tried downgrading to 1.4. Dokan requires reboots to fully remove /enable it, so i’d suggest the following.

Uninstall cryptomator
Uninstall dokan driver
Reboot system
Install the latest cryptomator 1.5 with the included dokan driver
reboot again before using.

Check the cryptomator options is set for dokan (not webdav)
try unlocking your vault.

Hopefully this will sort it, but If its still empty a debug log might help.

I did all of that. Uninstall Cryptomator and Dokan --> Reboot --> Installed Cryptomator 1.5.4 with Dokan --> Reboot.

Its still not showing anything.

This is the Log:

I managed to solve it.
I looks like the masterkey file wasn’t upgraded correctly.
After restoring the old Masterkey that was used before the Upgrade I could open it correctly.
Thanks for the help anyways.

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I have the same problem. After installing Cryptomator on a new computer, I selected the key file and it said it had to update the format, which I allowed. After that, the opened folder is empty! I see that a backup was automatically created. However, copying the automatically created backup file to “masterkey.cryptomator” doesn’t fix it – the vault is still empty.

Fortunately I happen to still be logged in to it on another computer and have downloaded and saved all the files. But this is totally unacceptable: to force a reformat that loses all the files!

Update: I can at least still open the vault from (yet) another computer, still running the earlier version. But I can’t access the files from the new computer where the vault looks empty. What’s the solution?

The new version is Cryptomator-1.6.1.

I’m sure you did not lost all your files.

On the computer with the empty vault, what volume type is selected in the virtual volume tab of the general preferences of Cryptomator?

If it is WebDAV and Windows, there exists a bug which makes you believe the vault is empty. The fix is to use Dokany or WinFSP.

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Thanks! I’ve installed Cryptomator at least 8 times, probably more. I didn’t notice that now we have to go to Dokany and install it separately, or else I never needed to before. (Good luck for non-computer-savvy people figuring out where to find the dokany installer in github!)

Anyway, all good now. Thanks again!