After the update to Cryptomator 1.5.6, Lubuntu 18.04.4 LTS asks for the keyring

Hello !
First I start Cryptomator as usual.
However, an input field for the keyring appears instead of the Cryptomator.
That I have never used, that I have never seen.
No matter which password I enter from the system or Crypotmator or nothing at all, the keyring reports that the entry is incorrect.
But it can be canceled and then the Cryptomator appears.
If I then click on the safe that I want to unlock in the Cryptomator, the prompt for the keyring reappears.
Again I can’t unlock it, I can’t cancel it anymore and the whole screen freezes.
I have no way to unlock the safe.

Now I have installed Seahorse to see what it is, there are no passwords in it, everything is empty.
Some are only listed under Certificates.

I have with
sudo apt-get install libpam-gnome-keyring
automatic unlocking installed, but that doesn’t help either.

Now there is the possibility to deactivate the keyring daemon.üsselbund/#Keyring-Daemon-deaktivieren
So far I have been reluctant to change anything in the system.

Please help me, I can no longer access my data.

Since your link points to article written in German, i assume you are able to understand it and hence, the following thread might be interesting for you: Unbekanntes Passwort verlangt

For people who can’t read German: In the other thread I asked if resetting or reinstalling the keyring helps and linked to ArchWiki documentation.

I opened a ticket on our issue tracker:

Thanks for Help !

Uninstalling the keyring was too risky for me, I can’t find any passwords stored there, but a lot of certificates.
I tested many suggested options, but nothing worked, except for the following:

  1. Install Seahorse:
    sudo apt-get install seahorse
    Seahorse is then in the program menu under accessories, passwords and encryption, start.

    Troubleshooting, passwords are not remembered
    Generate a key ring with file / new, give it a name, no password, leave empty.
    Leave the key ring open.
    Then Cryptomator starts again as usual, without a previous password query through the key ring.

I can finally access my safe again with my Linux computer!

Because I am not sure what the effects are, whether my other passwords are not endangered, I tested everything when logging on to Linux, whether I was with an empty password on the encrypted partition on the system or as a user can not log in, I still have to enter my passwords.

I hope that my password for the cryptomator is now also secure, the experts can answer that for sure.
My entire hard drive is additionally encrypted with the standard encryption under Lubuntu.