[1.6.0 Alpha1] iOS Testflight

Hello guys,

can you already estimate until when a iOS Testflight version with Vault Format 8 support will be available?

Background: I had installed the 1.6.0 alpha today in my “live” environment to start testing from now on under “normal operation conditions”. For me this is not a risk, because I have several backups for all files in my vaults and therefore I am well prepared for possible disaster recovery scenarios.
But: most benefit in daily operation is for me the access to the files via IOS App. Which of course is currently no longer possible with vault Format 8 and the latest iOS version. I didn’t had that in mind.
Therefore, I have downgraded the version 8 vaults back to version 7, and the application also downgraded back to 1.5.16 to be able to open the vaults again with the IOS app.
As soon as a testflight version with vault format 8 support is available, I would rejoin the test.


Since a couple of days, it should actually be available. :smiley: If you didn’t get an invite, try this link:

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Oh boy. I should have had a look into testflight first. I assumed to be noticed by apple if theres a new testflight version for cryptomator, but obviously I was wrong.

Well, back to 1.6.0 alpha1 then :slight_smile: