1.5.0 Final issue with Windows 7 ESU and 8

There is a workaround for using Cryptomator 1.5 under Windows 7:

  1. you will need the installed files from V.1.5 (Windows 10; path=C:\Program Files\Cryptomator)
  2. copy it to a Windows 7 Computer overwriting the the installed files from Version 1.4.x.
  3. Start
  4. Use WEBDAV

Works for me - no bugs yet, as far as i can tell right now…
So, maybe the developers are kind enough to also release the binaries (zip Package).


Thx, i will try if it will work out!

Looks like it works also with not having webdav selected.

I had to update all vaults, so i was forced to try the windows 7 installation, thx for the hint!

glad i could help, for some reason dokan doesn’t work for me, don’t know why…

What issues With dokan do you have?

Cryptomator sais that the volumes were successfully mounted but when i try to connect via Windows Explorer an error screen pops up telling me that the volumes are not available…


very sad to hear, Win8.1 is not longer supported.
I also see it critically, that the new version of the containers are
not backwards compatible.

Is there a chance for the new version to support Win8.1?

I have no hardware which supports Win10.

Which Android Version is the newest which supports the old container?

Yes, as stated above, we’re discussing options for an “unofficial” version. In the meantime we have a GitHub issue available here:

webdav is working better for me as well, with docan sometimes de-mounting failed.

also, 1.51 was released already, it should support windows 7 and 8 / 8.1 as unsupported installer like overheadhunter mentioned

Maybe this might be solved by updating dokany to 1.30? Mine is more than 2 years old 1.20

I strongly recommend to update to the latest 1.3.1 as there were some major problems with the previous versions of dokany.

Our installer also contains now a routine to check the dokany version and notifies the user if it is outdated :slight_smile:

Interested too if there is a consensus about running cryptomator on Windows 7, even unofficial.

Reasons why I believe this is important:

  1. Long after XP was dropped support, many applications and companies still used it, because its stability and ease to secure it. Now, this is the case with W7, it is a very robust OS with better capacity of securing it (much less telemetry) and even if not officially supported by Microsoft anymore, it will still be used for long time ahead. So, I believe the rush in dropping apps support for W7 is premature and will backfire.

  2. W10 is a privacy nigthmare. Telemetry is difficult to block and it cannot be completely blocked. And crypto is a tool for people that love their privacy…so,you see how this two arguments blend in one.

  3. I personally will keep at least one of my machines running W7 for as long as possible, ideally until the machine dies of old age, so it would be nice to be able to use Cryptomator on it. Yes, this is a personal reason, but I am a person.


I hope there will be a reconsideration in regards to offering a compatible version for W7, even if no more support or assistance would be provided. Usually, workarounds found by users may or may not work on future updates, so I hope the dev team would consider releasing a W7 compatible version with each update.

Thank you for considering this issue.

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This is actually what we did here. You can still use Cryptomator on Windows 7. The only thing that changed is, that we do not support it, because we can not support it with missing upstream support.

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oh, great… i didn’t dare to try it before asking,because on the download page was saying “min Win 10” :)).
I’m trying it now!

btw, I also posted another question in regard to the Android app (Cryptomator on Android - do you recommend it?), if you can take a look over it.

Thanks for such quick response and implication from the cryptomator team!

Hi guys, I have just come across this thread - the thread is named 1.5.0 Final issue with Windows 7 and 8 but this compatibility matrix seems to suggest otherwise.

Am I reading either the thread or the docs incorrectly?


This is the documentation for Cryptomator 1.4.x. The most current version is 1.5.x, i.e. the major version differs. This matrix is also not present in the documentation for 1.5.x.

Thanks @infeo - just to be clear, I am looking for what the latest version that supports Windows 7 32-bit is?

I went with what the 1.4 page I posted earlier said because that was the only one I could find, so I assumed that 1.3.4 was the latest compatible version for 32-bit OS versions.

Well, 1.3.4 was the last version where we offically supported 32bit systems and created releases for it.

It may still run on such systems, but you need to figure it out on your own. See

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