Cryptomator on Windows 7

So installing on Win7x64 with the main setup file “Cryptomator-1.6.5-x64.msi” says - this application requires Win10 version 1803 build 17134 or newer to install. What gives?

Then, installing with the portable “cryptomator-portable-win64-1.6.1-8-setup.exe” installs fine and when you launch it it says - Command failed. What gives?

The portable app dl site says Win7 is supported so what’s happening?

Which exe or msi do I need to install on Win7 so it actually works?

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

There is none, which works. At least no for any 1.6.x version.

Windows 7 is offically not supported by Cryptomator 1.6.x. You need to update your OS in order to run it, or, if you are unable to do so and already migrated a vault, perform a downgrade and stay on the latest 1.5.x version.

Regarding the portable app: As stated on our download page, “the portable app is a community effort and not officially provided and maintained by Skymatic”. You should contact the maintainer and inform them about this mistake.

Thank you, I am not planning on transitioning from 7 to 10 any time soon and fail to see a reason for that as well.

So then performing an install of the latest 1.5.x version won’t work on Win7?

The latest 1.5.x version can be installed on Windows 7 systems, see also 1.5.0 Final issue with Windows 7 ESU and 8 - #21 by overheadhunter.

So if the latest 1.5.x version can be installed on Windows 7 systems why did you say that there is no exe/msi/install file for Cryptomator, which works on 7?

That’s what he said. :wink: