1.5.0 beta 2 - oh and free beer! 🍺

Now, that I have your attention…

Monetization of Free Software

When hearing talks about Free Software, it isn’t uncommon to explain the difference between free beer and free speech. This is important because many people assume or even expect free software to be for free. While this is usually true for the end user, it doesn’t mean that developing such applications is “for free”. This leads to the fact, that most bigger open source projects either ask for donations, have sponsors that depend on the project or sell some additional service around their product. :moneybag:

Toss a coin to your developer

In the past few months we took some time to think about the way we want to ask for donations in the future. We decided to sell donation keys, which allows us to give you something in return for your contribution.

To be crystal clear about this: We do not and will never restrict the functionality of Cryptomator, if you don’t want or can not donate to our project. We want everyone to be able to protect their data in the cloud and therefore we don’t limit any functional features.

The only exception to this rule is merely cosmetical: If you have a valid donation key, you can choose the application’s UI theme. This way you get something for your money, even if it isn’t strictly useful in a technical sense but we think a lot of people might like the new dark mode. :new_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face:

What about the free beer?

Ok here is the deal: We just released Cryptomator 1.5.0 Beta 2. The truth is: We love your non-monetary contributions at least as much as your donations. Without your bug reports, translations and test feedback, we wouldn’t stand here today. :heart:

Therefore, we would like to give all beta testers the option to get a donation key “for free” by using the following coupon code: BETATESTER. Simply use it during the checkout process in our license store.

Yes, you can keep using your donation key even after the beta. :wink:


Sweet! Will there be Dark Mode for iOS anytime soon?

I must be an idiot. I can’t figure out how to take you up on the offer of the coupon code for the beta test. The license donation is set at $15 minimum and the coupon code “BETATESTER” comes up as invalid.

As you might have noticed, we’ve released Cryptomator 1.5.0 today and it’s not in beta anymore. Therefore, the beta coupon code has expired.

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