How to get an awesome people certificate?


I donated €25.00 EUR through PayPal to Skymatic GmbH four days ago.
How can I get an awesome people certificate?
(My PayPal account is different from my Cryptomator community account)


Well, let me tell you that you are indeed awesome! :smile::raised_hands: I’m not sure where you read that you will get an “awesome people certificate” but we haven’t handed anything like that out so far. :sweat_smile:

Cryptomator is created and mainly maintained by Skymatic GmbH (and open-source contributors) so that’s correct. :wink:

Donation key I mean :slight_smile:

No valid donation key found. It’s like a license key but for awesome people using free software. :wink:
– from Preferences dialog

Oh, we’re not quite ready for that yet. This will be a new thing beginning with 1.5.0. But we’ll hand out donation keys for anyone that has donated in the past. We’ll make an announcement when the final version of 1.5.0 has been released (planned for early 2020). :wink:


… as well as anyone who contributed code, translations, docs, etc :wink:


on behalf of the people of Canada, I hereby certify you as awesome in my official capacity as citizen. :slight_smile:


Donated and bought the Android app a second time (a family member had bought it before), so this shall be a tiny Christmas present.


You can now claim your awesome people certificate:

Of course we will keep giving coupon codes to anyone contributing to the project in the future. :wink:

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Fair for me, donation is on its way … your project is awesome and worth the bucks :sunglasses::smile:


How do we go about requesting our Donation key? I donated back in March of 2018.

Sent you a direct message. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the direct message and everything. Great job with 1.5.0, too. I really like how it looks.

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