(Yubico/Yubikey) Challenge-Response authentication


Adding support for Challenge-Response authentication (to be used simultaneously with the existing password, maybe similarly to how KeePassXC has implemented it as a password booster) would greatly strengthen the security of the user’s password (weakest link by far) while also acting as a short of second factor.

The advancements in hardware keys and their rapidly increasing usage among users make this a very important feature to have. Please note that some hardware keys support NFC for mobile use, but in any case, this is primarily aimed for vaults that are not meant to be shared with mobile devices. Users can opt-in to protect specific vaults either without mobile support or by using an NFC key for mobile if that is required.

I see there was a mention before but I am not sure if it is on the roadmap. I think it should definitely be, please consider this important feature soon: