.xls files won't open after upgrading to 1.6.1 from

For the upgrade I uninstalled Dokany then Cryptomator, then installed 1.6.1.

Files are located on OneDrive

Message says "Could not open “http:/…”

For .doc files, I get a similar message, then the file opens after clicking on ok.

Seems you do not have installed dokany anymore, or your volume type was switched to WebDAV.
Although it should also work with WebDAV, maybe switching back to dokany can help.
Unfortunately i do not have a clue why it does not work with WebDAV. For me it works fine.
Can you have a look in the logfile if there is anything suspicious like WARN or ERROR messages?

The 1.6.1 install recommended but did not provide a link to dokany, so the first time I tried it without any extra installation.
No success, so tried again and followed the link to dokany, but wasn’t sure which file to use. I tried a file called DokanSetup.exe, but that has not helped either.

I don’t understand how to do the dokany or WebDav installations because I could not find anything on the website or in the docs, which are only relevant for 1.5.xx.

I would like to try again, but can you give me better guidance as to what to try next? If the volume type was switched to WebDAV (I don’t really understand what that means), how do I fix it?

Where are the log files and what should I be looking for?

Thanks for responding.

Please check if dokan is installed (windows “apps and features”). The file you have choosen should do the installation.
If it is installed, open cryptomator (make sure it was at least closed once after dokany installation), make sure your vaults are closed, goto “Settings” (right upper corner), go to tab “volume” (second tab) and selekt dokany from the drop down.
Then open your vaults and check.
You can also install WinSFP instead of dokany.

Wow! Thank you so much! I guess the key was knowing to choose dokany from the dropdown under settings.
Simple solution to a problem that had me in angst.
I can’t express enough how much I appreciate your knowledge, support and help.

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