Xiaomi 12: Automatic photo upload doesn't upload anything

I have recently switched from a OnePlus 9 to a Xiaomi 12 smartphone. Using Cryptomator Android app on both with Androis OS v13. However, on the new Xiaomi 12 smartphone the automatic photo upload only works a short time after the app has been installed and setup. Then it stops after a while and simply doesn’t upload any photos anymore.

I have already tried to re-setup the app. Same behavior. For the first couple of camera made photos the upload works. Next day: Doesn’t work anymore. Using Cryptomator with OneDrive personal and have choosen also different upload folder locations on the cloud. Same error behavior.

I have given Cryptomator all permissions like the “normal” Android set of permission as well as the “special” permissions which are handled over the MIUI of Xiaomi.

What can I do now? Is there some kind of error log which can give someone an indicator where the problem originiates from?

Hi and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Do you have opted out Cryptomator from the battery optimizations like asked when the auto upload feature is activated?

Had the exact same problem using a Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite running MIUI 13.0.7.

It seems Cryptomator doesn’t recognize if you switch the photo storage location. It scans the old path. For me it started working again after i cleared all app data and killed all app processes (“Beenden erzwingen”) in the MIUI app settings.

Btw. there is also a Github issue suggesting that switching the storage location breaks the photo job.