"Wrong password"

I’m using the Windows 10 desktop app, and I keep getting the message “wrong password” after a little while on any vault I’ve created on a cloud storage, and also on my PC/C-drive.

I’ve deleted/removed the vaults many times, and started over, and I can then unlock and lock the vaults a few times before I get the message “wrong password”, and again unable to unlock them (the passwords I’m typing are without a doubt correct).

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Cryptomator three times, but the problem continues.

I hope someone can help me, as I have searched for an answer on here, but haven’t found any solution to my problem.

Kind regards,
Helle, Denmark

There was an issue related to language-specific keyboard layout settings on Windows.

I don’t find it at the moment, but this might be a clue.

However, if you create and unlock your vault on the same machine, it should always be the „same kind of wrong“ and work.

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Thank you for your answer.

I did use Cryptomator on the same machine, but now I’ve made two vaults on my cloud storage, where as one is set to remember my password in the Cryptomator app, and the other vault isn’t set to remember my password (and also did the same with two vaults on my PC’s C-drive as a test), and after then I’ve been able to unlock all vaults every single time including the vaults, where I have to type my password – go figure … LOL.